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Case Study documents

ShowMe's and Prezi

Decolonization in Ghana
Decolonization in Algeria
Decolonization in the Congo
Prezi: Algeria v. Uganda

The Cold War Day 3 - "Hotspots"

The Cold War Day 2 - The Beginnings

The Cold War Terms and Definitions - Day 1

Russian Revolution/Rise of Communism


WWI Wrap-Up - Please use the following documents to review for your quiz on Thursday

Age of Imperialism PPT's and Supplemental Readings

Imperialism in Africa Primary Sources

Here is the link to another webquest for those of us who learn differently. Compelete it at your leisure so that you can gain a deeper understanding of imperialism in Asia and/or refresh your memory. Imperialism in Asia Webquest

Asian Isolation during Age of Exploration PPT 02/07/13

Latin American Revolutions PPt

Jeopardy Review for Semester Exam


Industrial Revolution

http://www.chiddingstone.kent.sch.uk/homework/victorians/industrialrevolution.html <----- Use this website to gain a deeper understanding of the Industrial Revolution, its causes, and effects. The Weekly homework packet will be posted here.


Industrial Revolution Anticipation Guide

Supplemental work - complete the Webquest at your leisure to gain more knowledge of the Industrial Revolution.

French Revolution

HOMEWORK PACKET 12/11-14/2012

Website for Information on French Revolution


Unit 2 Vocabulary

Enlightenment Thinkers

Week of 10/22

Week of 10/16

Week of 09/24

Week of 09/10...

Weel of 09/04...