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Here you will find all of the important, and not-so important documents for Team Harvard and Ms. Hargrove's Social Studies Class.

WWII Handouts/Readings and PPT's

The Rise fo Fascism

The Treaty of Versailles


Africa/India Imperialism Readings

Handouts for 02/20 Please print if you can :)

Videos from Crash Course World History (02/13)

Crash Course:Imperialism
Crash Course: Capitalism and Socialism
Crash Course: Nationalism
Crash Course: Imperialism

Pre-Colonial Africa and Asia Readings

Use for your homework tonight 01/29/2013

Semester Exam Study Guide and Essay Rubric

Outline Template for your essay - use this outline to give your essay it's skeleton. You may use it tomorrow when you write your in class essay.

Holiday Break Packet

Study Guide for Unit Exam 12/18/2012

This exam will cover the Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, and French Revolution.

Current Event Guiding Sheet

Optional Assignment to replace a project and homework grade

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